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     Go ahead....take a fresh look! A fresh look at who we are, who God is, who His people are, and what His people are doing. It's one of the greatest things we can do for ourselves! In the midst of making a living, it is essential for us to make a life. God loves us! That's important for us to know. It's vital for your family too.
     Let me encourage you to take a fresh look at our church.
     God's Family Church is a teaching church. God's Word is shared in every service. Worship is orderly and respectful, but full of praise and happiness!
     We recognize that not everyone has the same need. For that reason we have working ministries to meet diverse needs. The people of "GFC" really are "making a difference" in the lives of each other and our community.
     So, whether you've recently moved here or simply lived in the area a long time without a church home, you are warmly welcome! We look forward to the opportunity of worshipping with you, as we share a fresh look at our greatest personal Friend.